Irish Men

Irish Men

Ireland is a nation of mammy’s boys! And a proud one at that. Irish men are FOREVER tied the the strings of their sainted mothers, I feel so bloody sorry for their wives. If what I see passing through my door on the average day is the the typical Irish man, husband, son, father, Jaysus-fing-Christ.

It is a known fact that all men have some sort of issue, the poor loves can’t help it, by virtue of having external genitalia, it comes with a special set of burdens, but that being said, Irish men come with a particular stock set. They have mammy issues; she yanked them away from her breasts too soon. Pappy issues, he wanted to yank the little brat away sooner than his mother would allow. They have sibling issues, big sis/bro terrorized them, the local priest buggered them, they were malnourished, and whatever the reason Irish men have ISSUES! And the main issue they have, are their Mothers! It is a nation of naughty public school boys, sneaking behind the archetypical Great mother’s back.

Their mothers think the sun shines out of their crusty asses. I have had grown men, not young adults, proudly say they are still living at home with their mothers, who washes his clothes, cooks his favorite meals, and basically stops short of wiping his ass and sucking his dick. How I know this, I have visual evidence that they still haven’t learned how to clean themselves, and he is sitting in my boudoir in a state of semi-flaccid, semi arousal having paid me to preform said service. I would stand and look at them in amazement and contempt. How can a grown man not know how to wash his ass, and has not an ounce of shame in soiling my bed linen? After working in Ireland I came to realize what it was. I, being a hooker, was beneath contempt! So the normal rules governing human interaction don’t apply when an Irishman is dealing with a foreign hooker! This was shocking for me, being from a society that respects all people, street sweeper to judge. Wow, the fact that the members of this backward ass little forgotten hole of a country had the nerve to be contemptuous of anyone was astounding. What kind of country produced an ignoramus of a man whose inability to grasp the basics of personal hygiene, had by virtue of the constructs of his society could feel superior to a hooker, because he was paying her a fee to suck his cock? If the reader is as confused as me about this, welcome to the club.

Irish mothers have a lot to answer for in terms of how they totally fuck up their sons. I have never encountered a group of men so completely pussy whipped. If it wasn’t the Immaculate sisters, beating the holy sit out of the little demons, their grandmothers scaring them to death with horror stories, it is the shear terrifying fear of loosing half of what he has worked for if his wife were to find out what he was up to. I think good grief, how do these dick-less wonders father any children? Oh, and father them they do! I often puzzle about if there was a special at the hospital that the wife gave birth at, ‘birth one, get one free’. I often see women with two in a buggy quite close in age, and another one in development. She looks like hell, walking around in pajamas, the kids are wailing little cretins, because mom is too harassed to be bothered to do more than yell at them as a sign of affection. Is it any wonder their husbands are coming to me for a bit of fun?

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