I Am an Escort

I Am an Escort

Ha, my ass we are. We are plain and simple whores, hookers, and prostitutes. I will not be awarded any points for this. The pro-escort lobby will be on my ass, the women who have been damaged by sex work will be on my ass, women in general will be on my ass. But at the end of the day when a woman sells her orifices to a man for price, she is a prostitute. Now I personally don’t have a problem with this, as it has funded a rather nice life style for myself and my family.

We are advertised as escorts-on Escort-ireland.com, charging only for our time and companionship, this is a complete load of pure and utter bullshit. We are for all intents and purposes short time hookers turning tricks in luxurious surroundings, instead of cars lots or back alleys. It is like working in the windows of Amsterdam without the in-your-faceness of the encounter. If I look at the average time a client spends in my presence it is a total of 22 ½ minutes! This is including the long, rare over night booking. Irish men want it quick and dirty, the quicker the better, although they will moan, nonstop about how the lady shoved them out the door in 10 minutes. What they are really moaning about isn’t the fact that they are done in 10 minutes from arrival to completion, it the fact that they paid so much for it! In terms of the cost of sex in the EU the Irish are paying well above the odds. Thank god for that, because it is no cakewalk having to deal with such a group of hygienically challenged and unaware men as the beast known as the Irish punter.

Unaware you ask, what do I mean by unaware. Where do I begin? For one thing, you would think the world at large outside of Ireland consists of savages consuming their young and dragging knuckles across the ground from their thinking. I would get statements such as: “Wow, I have never been with a () girl before.” I would often wonder if they thought the holes were located in a different place because I wasn’t from up the street. Good grief. Geographically unaware. Hygienically unaware. Socially unaware. Culturally unaware. Anatomically unaware. Linguistically unaware. Cuisine unaware. Gender unaware. I could continue, but I am sure by now you get the idea.

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