The Dynamic

I am a skilled service provider, I am not a servant. There is nothing about my personality that even hints a submissiveness, I can’t even pretend to be submissive. It would come off as if I were a bad actress in a tele novella. Dreadful. I am dominant, pure and simple. Ultimately I make the decision as to what services the client will get. Now, I don’t have a problem servicing some poor sods dick, it isn’t as difficult or as easy as some people think. I don’t just lay there and moan on queue in the approiate places. I am amazed at the girls who can get away with this. I am thinking about is this guy reaacting to what I am doing, is his dick getting hard, or am I sucking on the cold dead flesh of a corpse? Some punters dicks are COLD! And that is a VERY bad sign. If my leg was ice cold all the time, It would be safe to say I had circulation problems. The same is true with a man who’s penis is ice cold. This fills me with absolute terror. My job will be a bloody up hill battle. I will have to incorporated the suction skill of a Dyson, which means my jaw and throat will ache, not to mention my poor arm will start to suffer from RSI. Not bloody likely. When dealing with the walking dead. I often turn them over and give a massage first, to relax them, then I massage the area around the half dead organ in a vain attempt to infuse some life down that way. I have often found the direct approach to be pointless, this ads to the tension the man is feeling and causes his already constricted blood vessels to constrict even more, thus rendering any attempt on my part to be pointless and frustrating for all parties involved. I am here to provide a service that will make the person feel good upon leaving my boudoir, not want to jump off the nearest bridge.

The hooker/client dynamic, where I am concerned is an interesting one, you can blame all the books I read by Dr. Camille Paglia, when in Uni. She is one feminist who likes hookers and has a different look on the world. I once had a friend remark she was amazed that I got any clients at all, due to how I would speak to them on the phone. At the time, I was rather abrupt to the point of rudeness. She on the other hand was so sweet to them on the phone, honey drips from her every word, can you guess who is busier? No simpering Miss me. I have often said to her, men don’t want nice-they have nice at home, they want and need resistance. Look at a lion in the zoo, having fresh butchered meat thrown in front of them. They sniff it lazily, saunter away and take a nap. Why, they know it will be there later on. Now the lion in the wild, oh they have to hunt for the food, and god help the chosen delicacy of the day when they catch it. The difference being there is resistance and with the other there is none. Even when logically the punter knows he is going to get exactly what he pays for, there is still that need within a man to have a bit of tension. Tension makes things exciting and tension adds to the satisfaction. Anyone, ever have make-up sex? Good stuff.

So, I instill a little bit of that from the first conversation. That tension, that need to conquer, that desire for the hunt.

I am not interested in currying favor with a client who has of yet not crossed my door, or paid me a single penny. I know it seems a strange approach, but if I come across desperate for his business, it will put him psychologically in the superior position, he can then play a nice little game of cat and mouse with me if he so pleases. He can dangle an appointment in front of my nose, and even go so far as to play another girl off me to get the best service and the best price. No with me. I am not interested in this type of client. Please! I am not rude, just, nor am I kowtowing or pandering to his over inflated sense of self either. I will answer a certain amount of questions with good grace, I will briefly tell you what services I provide, and I will give you the general directions where I am located, and I will confirm the price for certain services, outside of that, I don’t even try to engage in a lengthy conversation about nonsense. Not interested, and I will hang up, if the conversation starts to go on longer that 50 seconds. The average phone conversation usually lasts between 38-68 seconds. Any thing longer than this is usually a time waster, trying to get his jollies from engaging me in a free phone sex session.

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