The Personal Toll

The Personal Toll

To say that working as a hooker doesn’t take a personal toll on your life would be insulting to all those women out there who have suffered some serious harm both mentally and physically. How I managed to avoid the less savory elements of the sex trade, could be due to the way I entered the industry and the approach I took to the it. I was rather business like about it. I approached things from the stand point of I have a commodity to sell, how best to market it and who would be my target market. In essence I looked at my various holes and decided what price tag I would put on them. Not the nice or pretty picture some in the industry try to paint. Definitely not your average approach to working as a hooker. Unless you are born wealthy you are sold a load of crap about equality, hard work, and playing by the rules.

From a very young age I realized this was total and utter complete bullshit.  No matter how much you play by the rules, you will not ever get what you really want or succeed beyond a certain point. The rules are in place for the sole purpose of keeping those that follow them in their place along with the rest of the rule followers. Not for me. Now mind you I am not a subversive individual nor am I overtly political. I am strictly interested in ME. I am interested in making sure me and mine are taken care of. Plain and simple. I will do this by any means necessary, if it means dancing around the perimeter of any of society’s rules, I will do so.

I don’t suffer from the standard bourgeoisie guilt like so many do about things society deem they should feel guilty about. I work as a hooker to provide for my family, and to provide a better future for myself. I would prefer to decide how I get fucked, because unless you are from the select few who are born to serious wealth you will be getting fucked. The current economic situation springs to mind. How many heads of banks are still collecting bonuses, and how many hard working honest people are struggling to pay bills? One set didn’t play by the rules, the other did.  So, I decided to be the one selecting the position that said fucking would be taking place in. I made the rules and set the price.

So, what is the toll it has taken on me? Well, aside from my total inability to trust any man ever again, mind you, I wasn’t ever too keen on the male of the species before I started to work in the industry. It has given me an insight into human nature and what makes them tick.  It has made me learn to trust my instincts more. My ability to cut through the BS that people delude themselves into believing. I can read through the lines better of conversations, and pick out  when the person talking is leaving out the best parts of the story. The lengths men will go to get one over on you(even in non working situations), because they think you are desperate to do anything for money. The lies women will tell when they think you are stupid and they can get one over on you. It doesn’t bear thinking about. I could despair, but being a rather positive person and constantly willing to look on the bright side of life, I take the knowledge I have accumulated and use it to the personal gain of those near and dear to me.

Wealthy people do it all the time. So, why the hell shouldn’t I do the same thing?

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