Up Close And Personal

Up Close And Personal

There are lots of other stories out there in the murky world of escorting. There are some who have been abused and are suffering traumatic life events even after the fact, in fact many years after the fact. They are hurt, angry, and for the most part in need of some serious therapy. No one really gets to see these women, because they hide in plain sight and keep their secrets to themselves. Tragic to be completely honest. Our stories like so many others are individual as the woman telling them. This is MY story about my experience working in the sex industry. I wasn’t Belle Du Jour (ok once in a while, I would have a generous, well paying client, who really splashed out for it), and I wasn’t trafficked, pimped, beaten, sold, or coerced into doing this either. Good luck trying to get me to work for a pimp. I would have him bringing me his money.

At the end of the day it was my personal choice, why because I could make damn good money with it, and unlike most I treat it like a business. Are the clients always nice? No, but to be honest, I am not dating the man, or to be honest interested in dealing with him on any deeper level, I am just providing a service. I couldn’t care less if he smiles or doesn’t, I don’t care if he engages in conversation with me, as long as he behaves. One step out of line and his ass will be out on his ear without a service, and on occasion a smack behind the head for behaving like an idiot. I don’t need validation from him or anyone else. I probably won’t see him ever again, and if I did, I would ignore him and cross to the other side of the street. He is a punter, and not really worthy of any further interaction.

Harsh, yes it is indeed harsh. I am running a business that involves me getting into some personal intimate situations with needy men. The last thing I need to throw into the mix is even the slightest possibility that this person so much as has a chance to go any further with me. Jaysus, I would be inundated with calls, texts, visits. Irish men are emotionally needy as well as immature. The have the emotional attention span of a distracted kitten, incapable of having any deeper meaningful relationship with a woman. This is one of the reasons I think for the frustration of Irish woman; and the reason Irish men like hookers.

They don’t have to pretend to relate to anything other than their dicks. Punting is the perfect vehicle for them. Except they do hate to pay for it. The average encounter:

Client comes in, grunts hi, partially throws money into my hands, strips off, lays down, gets hard, condom on, cock sucked, fucked, hops off, clothing on, hasty goodbye, and gone! This is in all honesty the average encounter. At first when I started I though it was me, then I realized it was them. The entire culture is peppered with emotionally stunted and sexually dysfunctional individuals who don’t really want to relate to anyone, can’t relate to anyone, or don’t even think this deeply. It was shocking.

I personally think the Irish get married too young, have too many kids and too many pressures place on them at too young an age. And as a result retreat into a protective shell. They are a complex people, who have issues as a whole going back hundreds of years, and if the Irish of old are anything like the current set, they didn’t deal with their issues any better than their modern counterparts do, and as a result what you have is long memories of past wrongs, and no capacity to process it. Ergo, the perfect punting culture.

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