Power, a word that is bandied about lots these days. There are few people who have power in this world, the man who has everything, and the man who has nothing. Ok too deep a discussion? Then let’s find the middle ground. Moment of power. The dominatrixes out there will know of what I speak. That Moment, when you know without a shadow of a doubt, that if you told the sub to jump out of a window, he would gladly do it, and before jumping, would hand over his wallet to you with codes and passwords.

I absolutely fucking love this Moment. Only an orgasm over the lips of a willing sub is sweeter, but more on that later. You can feel it, I mean it hangs in the air with a thickness that you can taste, it is heady stuff, powerful, cant be rushed or pushed, it has a life cycle of its own. It is like a desert flower, springs into bloom, produces seed, shines for a brief moment, and dies. No 2 Momemts are alike, they are unique as finger prints or snowflakes.

But when you get one, you will know it, and I love the reaction it leaves the client with, they skip out of your boudoir, I mean SKIP, a grown man with a serious pep in the step, because he has been taken to the edge of pleasure in an unusual way.

Now that is what I call true job satisfaction. What other job can I do, when I have opportunity to make others this deeply happy?

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