The Irish and Privacy

I have to say I have learned a great deal about discretion since working in Ireland. They are obsessed with it. Irish punters are more worried about the last 6 digits of their telephone number being on a TW list than they are about the safety of escorts. Now I don’t know if this is because the majority of the women working are foreign and thus not subject to the same rules that govern human concern in the Irish psyche, but whatever the reasons are, it has started to become apparent that the Irish punter is more concerned about making sure he doesn’t get caught with his pants down, than he is concerned with an escorts safety.

This obsession with privacy is a joke, because if I want to find out any information about someone, I just have to head to their local (pub), talk to the oldest patron, purchase a few pints for him, and I will be regaled with the general history of everyone in the pub, and their ancestors for three generations starting with each great-grand parent from all corresponding sides. He will then proceed to tell me who married who, and their stories, who die when, where, and how, who is screwing who’s wife, daughter and or sister. Once he runs out of the stories of the patrons in the pub, he will begin on those in the nearest neighborhoods. It is a country of about 4.1 million people, who for all intents and purposes are ALL related. Whether through direct issue, or marriage, how the hell can anything be secret in place like this? But oh no, a whore has the last 6 digits of my number on a list, this must not be allowed. Fucking spare me!

I remember having a conversation with a gentleman who was in the military-air force to be specific, yes they have an air force, it is more of a flying club with taxpayer funded toys, but they are quite proud of it, so we will let them call it an air force. Apparently he was doing some work in the special services, MI6 it is not! And he had gone home for the weekend, and his mother proceeded to inform the entire town, and a few over in the next county what he was doing! So much for any classified state secrets. So, where the he hell this overly overt concern about privacy has come from?

I have a theory, it isn’t so much privacy they are worried about as the fact that a whore has something they perceive as a personal bit of information about the them. Again the stereotypical image comes into play when the fun is over, remember I will fuck must man be they good looking, ugly, fat, crippled, black, white, or blue. It makes no difference I am an equal opportunity whore. I will fuck him for as much money as I can get out of him, this automatically puts me in the category of those individuals perceived as not having an ounce of scruples or morals. Totally untrue of course, but this is the image that starts to form in the backs of their little reptilian brains. That and the image that I am spending the money on crack or giving it to a pimp. Remember we are all trafficked over here after all.

Now if they were as concerned with privacy as they claim to be they would get a disposable punting SIM? It costs next to nothing and can be easily slipped in the inner folds of the wallet. Or the glove compartment of the car.

But this is typical Irish, to complain about something that is easily fixable and yet do nothing about it.

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