It’s Mary’s Fault

It’s Mary’s Fault

Religion never took with me. Something to do with the fact it was contradictory, restrictive, and women caught hell. The justification for this was Original Sin! Original sin? Who the hell was writing this crap, men of course. Men with an agenda, usually control, domination, and justification for any type of inhumane treatment they could think of. White slave masters used the same words in the same book to justify the enslavement, torture, and ownership of their black brothers. Amazing that.

But back to the original sin business. Now I was told that the whole cause for all this, was that Eve, offered a piece of forbidden fruit to Adam. Offered, not rammed down throat, not tied up to the stake, no hot pokers in delicate places, and made him eat it, no simply offered.

Adam the twat, took the apple, and ate it. But it is Eve’s fault, and as punishment for her rather small part in all this, was to have pain during child birth. Right! News flash, it goes in a mustard seed, and comes out a watermelon, there will be pain involved, original sin or no original sin. It is called biology. Nothing mystical about this.

When women don’t confirm to the prescribed roles of wife-read(drudge, sex slave, kitchen slave, punching bag, property), or mother, she is a whore, to be despised, abused, sold, and discarded. Wait a minute here, wasn’t the wife of Jesus a fallen woman?

Mary Magdeline, here forth known as MM. Yes, I am convinced she was his wife, why? Because no woman is going to sit at the gravesite of a man for several days in inclement weather, unless he was hitting those skins, and doing a damn good job of it too. She has been held up as the whore in this little drama. Personally the girl had style. Perfume and feet come to mind.

Now let’s us flash to the other Mary, poor thing. Statutory rape of a minor, married off to a man old enough to be her grandfather, and basically forced to have the child of that particular violation. Ok the end result is she was assumed into heaven, I suppose a small compensation for having to tolerate such shitty treatment. So because she was tortured, raped, trafficked, enslaved, used to give birth to various offspring from the May-September union, and apparently didn’t murmur a word of complaint, she is held up as the gold standard for women to aspire to be like! Aww no thanks! I will take my chances with the stone wielding crowd, thank you very much.

In the bible, we are either martyrs for the cause, sex-slaves, chattel, or disobedient miscreants who get our just desserts in some of the most unpleasant ways. Even when we are obedient in the bible, it doesn’t end well. Women catch hell. This gem says it all:
1 corinthians 14:34-The women should keep silent in the churches. For they are not permitted to speak, but should be in submission. It makes my bloody blood boil. And there are idiots who still behave like this towards women.

If we are not catching hell, we are stuck looking after idiot men, washing their clothes, looking after bratty offspring from other women, or their old parents. And all this for a reward in the afterlife. I would have gone out of my way to be stoned if forced to live in biblical times.

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