Victims In Need Of Aid

Victims, there is a certain image that comes to mind when one thinks of a victim. The image that comes to mind is someone defeated, broken, abused, and not in a position of defending themselves. Now for the aid organizations, regardless of the cause, a victim needs to fit into a special type of box. You just can’t be a willy nilly victim, oh no no, they want their victims type casted. It markets better and is easier to sell to those governments who are shelling out the money. The sadder, more pathetic the victim is, the better. Oh of course in some instances the victims need to also be the correct color, the correct ethnic background, and the right gender. God forbid, that any sufferer of an injustice should be helped just because it is the correct thing to do. No, if you don’t fit the required measurements of their program, you are flat on your ass.

Now there are aid organizations who need to create victims, because in reality the people they have decided to save really aren’t that many, or are far and few between. Or they are victims, just not in the designated industry that generates the right amount of income or sex appeal.

The sad reality is there are real trafficking victims out here, invisible, hopeless, and living lives of incredible inhumane cruelty, that are ignored because of their ability to blend, or in some cases because of their perception of their situations. They don’t perceive trafficking as a bad thing, when compared to the lives they would have had they stayed behind in their home country!

But running an aid organisation isn’t about actually helping the choosen demographic, no no no! It is about talking about helping, spending money on pointless campagnes, getting front page press coverage, and finally making money roll in to the coffers. Ultimately it is about money. They are the biggest whores! At least prostitutes are blessedly blatant about what you gonna get from the first moment. Aid organisations work on the principle of the long con. Seling you loads of guilt wrapped up in good deeds, to keep the steady stream of precious gold coming in. Vermin!

Let’s look at Ruhama an organisation to help prostitutes. If they fulfil their charter they have in virtue removed the demographic they are intending to help, thus elimating a number from their needed head count to gain funding. Wait a minute? They compound the problem, with their meddlesome behaviour, empty promises, and bullshit grandstanding. Furthering the transition time for some women out of prostitution. Not everyone is a happy hooker, some ladies really do want to move into other phases of life. They need skills, or ways to turn the skills they have developed into a productive way to earn a living. Interesting, indeed. If Ruhama were to really help these women, they wouldn’t need to exist once the job was done. Would they?

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