Irish Men and Directions

Do they purposely put lead in the drinking water of the Irish school children? I ask this question not out idle curiosity but with a real desire to know the answer to why Irish punters can’t follow directions!

I have never encounterd a country where the average client is as directionally challenged as the Irish one! Left=turning in the completely opposite direction. Right=walking for 6 blocks out of the way. Opposite=turning around and walking back from where they came from.

Now I know I speak PERFECT Engilsh, maybe that is the problem, maybe I need to throw in a bit of Irish! I despair at times. How I know the client is lost is depending on the conversation and the landmark he indicates he is at, I will calculate based by my rate of walking, taking into account how fast the average person walks and get an average ETA. Thus coming up with an approximate of how long it should take him to get to me.

Now when I am sitting there for 10 mins and the client hasn’t shown, I can only conclude he is lost, is wasting my time, or is bullshitting. Usually, it is safe to say that if he has come to a certain landmark, chances are he is serious and wants to follow through with the meeting.

So I will call. Note I WILL CALL! Not the client, because we all know the sterotypical jokes about men and asking for directions, they would prefer to walk around the center of what ever city I am in and bump into ramdon people or go to the wrong door before simply calling me and saying I am lost! JESUS-FUCKING-CHRIST! HOW STUPID ARE MEN?

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