All Men Are Punters

All men are punters, whether they know it or not. All men are looking for and wanting to engage in non-responsible sex. By non-responsible sex I mean, they want the no strings attached kind, most men don’t want meaningful intimate sex with a loving partner, most can’t handle that kind of responsibility. Being that intimate with a woman, Jaysus Christ. What are they to do with all that? So, even in one-on-one relationships men try to in some cases succeed in reducing women to their incompetent level of sexual immaturity. That of getting from point A to point B in 10 minutes or less. Because the basic male of the species being the immature creature he is, can’t deal with more emotion than that in a lovemaking session.

Men don’t actively seek a relationship, they seek sex, the relationship happens because if the female is determined, she will set certain rules for sex knowingly or unknowingly, thus causing the man to play along. Men fall into relationships, because they are led there like, most of the trouble they get into, by their dicks.

Remember the old days when if you dallied with a girl, it was marriage plain and simple? Why, because men from older times were more chivalrous? Not a chance. Back in those days because communities were smaller, and families bigger, the female in question had a father, brothers, uncles, and the odd cousin to back her up. Not to mention, these assorted males came with a small accompaniment of various axes, maces, swords, lances, and in more modern times, shot guns, and hand guns as back up. In other words you dallied with a young woman, you would have the entire wrath of her male family members brought to bear on the unfortunate mans head. Basically men were forced into complying with the rules, by threat of violence. What makes men contemplate marriage these days? I think in most cases, especially in terms of Irish men, they are looking for a mother to care for them. But then again aren’t all men? And the average Irish female plays her part brilliantly, the sex is deviant, the dresses are short, and the nights out wild, until that band is on her finger. Then the rules change, and men being the idiots that they are, still don’t clock on that there is a new world order, they think all the wild sex they are getting now will continue. Poor deluded fools.

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