Bloody Hell

Bloody Hell

I woke up this morning, poked around my blog for a bit and noticed something rather strange, the strange thing I noticed I had over 600 views in one day! WTF! Where were all of these viewers coming from, and what the hell could they want with my blog? Well, poked around a bit and discovered I have apparently upset a few posters of Reddit with my writings! Vitriol! Wow, some of the lovely names they are calling me: tool, I misquote-fucking tool, racists, misangonist, but my personal favourite is cunt! I shrugged and laughed. I did wonder why due to all of these hits I didn’t see any comments. Now I know. 😀

I especially wish to thank eire1228 for some of the choicer comments. They made a normally dreary day so much more brighter.

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