To All The Ladies

To All The Ladies

This goes out to the hardworking independent escorts out there whom through no fault of theirs had the lights scared out of them over the last few days. Apparently there were a series of early morning welfare checks conducted by the garda, with little mention before hand of the impending visits! Which of course left some shaken! Understandbly so. These visits were being conducted, not because of any wrong doing, but more as an excerise to determine the level of trafficked men and women working in Ireland. And if the arrests that were made were are anything to go by, Ruhama will have to do some creative statistical analysis to secure next years funding.

In general 4 or 5 Garda knocking on ones door isn’t, believe it or not, an everyday occurrence in most escorts lives. We aren’t criminals. But as always, the ladies rallied, supported each other and did their best to pass on information as quickly as possible to others, check up on each other and generally tried to keep calm and carry on. A valiant effort on all sides. If I ever had a problem, I know to whom I would turn.

Also to the supportive gents out there, who called and checked in on friends working in the business to make sure all was well, a heartfelt thank you for being decent human beings, and genuine people with compassion and consideration.

And last but not least, to the whining, snivelling, cowardly little fucks who in the mists of hard-working people’s lives being traumatized could only think of the non-existent effect this could maybe, possibly, in all likelihood not have on their lives, also a heartfelt thank you to you too, for showing the rest of us what a bunch of spineless cunts you really are. Well done!

But in the end it is good to know consistency was upheld, I was a bit surprised to see the amount of spineless ones who appeared out of the woodwork to voice their concern. An escort attacked, not a peep, but a mere hint of an idea that maybe by a long shot their phone number might have been saved in a phone could get into the hands of the Garda, and well the the beating of chests, and gnashing of teeth was indeed a cacophony heard from the rooftops.

Thankfully business will return to normal, and the ladies can resume the task of bringing joy to the thousands of men out there, whom for whatever reason use the services of escorts.

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