Love, My Ass!

Love, My Ass!

There is nothing that will ruin a perfectly good ho, like falling in love. I have seen it so many times. Falling in love just ruins your ability to think clearly, make decisions and function normally. Not to mention it is sickeningly nauseating being around two people in love. I have fallen in love several times, and I have to say I just couldn’t wait for the phase to pass, it made functioning difficult, if not down right impossible. It is as if my rational self was locked away in a totally sound proof room with super thick windows, screaming its head off, with people passing by looking in and seeing the scene as normal.

Also, everyone around you just coos and congratulates you on how wonderful it is to find someone, and blah, blah. You, wouldn’t congratulate someone for running naked down the street? You would say it was craziness, so why doesn’t society see falling in love in the same light? It is a blinding form of temporary insanity that in condoned by society as something normal. People in love shouldn’t be allowed to walk around; they should be locked in a room until they recover their senses.

I too have given up my job to be with the man I love, that lasted about 18 months when I just couldn’t shake the sneaking suspicion something was definitely not right, more on that later.

Anyway, Cupcake was also traveling and working in Ireland, and one day contacted me as she and her touring partner had a bit of a falling out. So, I met with her, took her under my wing so to speak, and showed her how I did things, which was of course different to how her former partner did them, in that I was quite happy to show her how to do them for herself. It wasn’t interesting for me to have control of information or tips. I helped her buy a new computer, and we toured together for a bit, and then the silly cow decided to give it up for her man. Oh FFS! Typical man, couldn’t handle a strong woman, so systematically fucked with her head until she decided it was best to let this idiot move in with her and her child in another city where he didn’t speak the language and basically had no job! I told her what I thought, and basically she doesn’t say much to me because she knows how I feel about her fucking up her perfectly good life for a pointless piece of dick.

I just don’t understand what prompts some women to destroy their perfectly formed lives for a man? I have reached a point where I am quite happy with my own company, so happy with it in fact, that I am loathed to waste time spending it with people I don’t like unless I am being monetarily compensated in a serious way.

Which is why I don’t live with any one of my gentlemen, they are in different countries. The thought of returning from a tour to a man in my space fills me with a suffocating sensation. I have for a period of time been dealing with demands, desires, moods, perversions, and smells of men, the last thing I want is one of those male, needy, eternal genitalia baring creatures around me. I want to reconnect with the children, with the cat, with myself; I want to walk around in my PJ’s all day if I choose, unshaven and smelly.

When on tour I will immerse myself in the job, I am on call 24hours a day; I will wake from a deep sleep in the middle of the night and answer the phone, why? Because I am there to work, when I work I make money. Let’s be honest the only reason any working girl is in Ireland isn’t because we love the Irish, the pubs, the food, the weather, it is because in terms of a client base, they pay well, they are consistent, they are quick and there are lots of them. Just as the Polish deserted the country when the recession hit and the jobs started to be cut, so would the WG’s flee, if the client base stared to disappear? We are there simply because even in the middle of a recession the average Irish Punter is paying well above the odds for his pleasure, and we will keep being there as long as they keep paying.

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