I Went to The Abyss. Or Touring Ireland-pt.1

I Went to The Abyss. Or Touring Ireland-pt.1

I finally decided maybe I was being too hard on the Irish, and decided to venture back to The Republic, I had the tickets booked, the hotels arranged the advertising in place, and off I went. My plan was to hang about for a week, I lasted 2 days, cancelled my tour and RAN back to the UK, dropping to the petrol soaked ground of the bus station and kissing it. I heaved a sigh of relief and I vowed never again to venture into the abyss that is Ireland ever again.

Now of course, I will probably get a maggot in the brain again and venture once again over there, but hopefully it won’t be too soon.

The problem is that the punters want services for next to nothing, but the cost of living is still high. So I would be fucking to pay for accommodation, and food. No thank you. Also nothing is simple over there. In the UK with the pay as you go phone, you spend 10 pounds a month and you can get unlimited texts, free calls, and all manner of goodies. NOT so in ROI, with one provider you need to spend 35 euros! Are they bloody serious? Food is expensive! Hotels are still as expensive, services are expensive, and basically the whole place feels blaaaa!

Not until hell freezes over!

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