Hell hath Frozen over-Touring Ireland-pt.2

Hell hath Frozen over-Touring Ireland-pt.2

I hadn’t been visiting Ireland for sometime, I mean seriously, the money is finished, and there is just so many times a girl can hear “Whiskey in the jar” before committing an act of terrorism. Or drink one more pint of beer before having an AA sponsor on speed dial.

A soon to be ex-gf talked me into coming here. I really didn’t think it was a good idea, but she made those big puppy eyes at me, and ok fine I will go with you for 3 days I agreed. I had a flash back akin to something a PTSD sufferer would have, but I managed to tamp it down and booked my ticket. I could only despair at the abundance of shitty asses awaiting me, look before the recession they were hygienically challenged, so what would be the state of the nether regions now following a few years later, less money, less inclination to keep clean? Oh sweet mother, Mary and Joseph. Arming my self with marigolds, cif, air fresher, and a mask. Off I went.

I was feeling nostalgic, until the plane landed and all those memories returned! WTF was I doing here? Why did I let this woman talk me into doing this? From the minute I received the first phone call I was planning on how get to hell out of this place. Luckily I didn’t have to offer the idea, after the first day she was wondering what the hell she was doing here too. It took an effort of great magnitude not to tell her ‘I told you so.”

Yes Whiskey in the Jar was being blasted still as loudly, but it rang some what hollow as the pub it was being played from was empty.

I have never packed so quickly in my life, and I practically ran to the bus station, the last parting shot from Ireland was the 10 euro taxi fare to travel 100 mts. I was so fucking glad to be shot of the place. Vowing NEVER A-FUCKING-GAIN to set foot in the damn place.

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