Quotes From A Patriotic Irishman

Quotes From A Patriotic Irishman

I have some how managed to last quite long in Ireland without having committed murder! Yeah me! Why, I asked myself, mostly because I wasn’t really expecting very much from them to begin with, so I wasn’t disappointed.

But I had the good fortune to have met a self described patriotic Irishman. I mean he was covered in the most neon of green, orange and white when his beloved Ireland was handed their asses on a platter by Croatia. Why do hey bother? I mean seriously, they always get pounded into the ground when they play football against even the most second rate teams? But god love them, they are out en masse, armed with enough beer and spirits to floats a barge of boats down the Liffey. Hollering at the various screens, and crying into said alcoholic beverages when the inevitable happens.

Football is very bad for business, Men can not deal with football and punting at the same time. It strains their heads. So if footie is on, sex goes out the window. When the world cup is playing I take vacation for that month. It is pointless working, men are too absorbed with their other pastime, kicking the shit out of their rivals, even if virtually, and any thought of us females fall by the wayside, unless we are delivering beers.

So, after our meeting, and as I was waiting for a taxi to return me to the city centre, he lived out in Co. Dublin, we got to chatting, and as conversations do, we veered into the subject of the economy and I asked, if there was a chance of Ireland managing to survive and recover from this current economic situation? His response was surprising and quite to the point: he said:

Not a fuckin hope in hell! We’re too stupid to be able to get ourselves out of this mess, and the politicians are corrupt fuckers.

As quoted from a patriotic Irishman.
I almost asked him to marry me, then I remembered where I was and quickly squashed that thought.

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