A Thank You To Charles Saatchi

A Thank You To Charles Saatchi

I have been waxing lyrical these last few days, reflecting on things in general, as you do. I think this was brought on by my recent birthday? I was even beginning to ponder if it was time I took a kinder, gentler view of people and the world. Maybe readjust my thinking and try, hard as it was, to find some iota of a redeeming quality in my fellow man.

To be honest I was starting to bloody despair at the thought of having to start being nice to people. OH for fucks’s sake! Sparing mediocre people feelings, coaching my words, trying to put a positive spin on stupidity. I was about to take to bed in a severe bout of melancholy, until I came across a wonderful book entitled: Be The Worst You Can Be by Charles Saatchi. Well to say the title was intriguing enough, but what hooked me was reading the first page, and especially the quote about being too nice to people.

My malaise lifted and I found a new appreciation for the fact that I am a grumpy cow. In fact I realised something, I am not grumpy at all. I am what can be called a realist with a touch of snarky flavouring thrown in for good measure, who really doesn’t like people in general. So to all those who think I hate men, in fact I don’t, I just can’t see what all the fuss about them is to be honest. If using my relationships as a small test sample of the lot of them. They start off fine, appearing to be together, until you scratch the surface and discover all the dirt. Now this is where the decision comes for me to stay and clean up, as it were or seek another specimen to play with, comes in. To date I seem to be gathering an assortment of obsolete playthings. But, I do adore dogs and cats, and would sooner run over a person than one of them.

Now does this mean I am going to start telling small dicked clients that they should get a sex change, since their penises are serving no purpose to them or anyone else? Probably not, I mean let’s be realistic, there is no point in encouraging a perfectly good client base to off themselves. Good small dicked clients that come quick, and pay well are difficult to find. So, yes I will keep cooing words of encouragement and telling the odd white lie, like I was really gagging (not) on their massive cocks.

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