When will I learn?-Touring Ireland-pt.3

When will I learn?-Touring Ireland-pt.3

I am currently touring Ireland, and lord let me tell you, the place has changed from when I was there years before. The party is well and truly over. The high streets are deserted, shops are closed, and people look even worse they did before. Where as when they had money, they still had no taste, so what you end up with was a haphazard combination of expensive designer stuff mixed with Primark crap to achieve a look of sorts. Now the money is gone the lack of taste is still there, but the designer trappings have been replaced by only crap you get at Primark. The skin is still an unnatural oompa loompa orange the hair still looks like rats nests, and the men even more desperate looking than ever. What The Fuck was I thinking? I just keep doing this to myself.

But factoring in all this still doesn’t explain why food is still so damn expensive! I mean seriously expensive for what you get when compared to what you get in say more civilised European countries such as France, Italy, and Spain. Where even simple foods are done well and at a cost that doesn’t send you running for a personal loan to pay the bill.

Example, lunch at Milano a chain of pizza places. I had a pizza, glass of wine, a coffee, and olives. 30 euros! I asked if there was a mistake made, as it seem excessive for just a pizza. No, there was no mistake, that was the price. Needless to say I wasn’t going to eat very much whilst here in Ireland. Are they serious? The prices for decent food is ridiculous. By decent food I mean veggies not boiled to death, and meats not dipped, fried, and fried again for good measure, to ensure that whatever flavour that may have remained is obliterated. I mean edible, tasty food. You know stuff that consists of recognisable things in whole pieces and without enough mayonnaise to cover half the chips in Belgium. Astonishing.

Now when you consider the base ingredients are rather good quality, the butter is divine, the lamb is so tasty, the beef is some of the best, and the potatoes are amazing. But that is about where it ends, once in the hands of some incompetent cook it all goes to hell.

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