What Purpose Does It Serve?

What Purpose Does It Serve?

There is just no delicate way of putting this. I cringe when a client drops his pants and I see he has a small cock. My heart sinks with despair, because I know I am about to get poked and prodded and basically pummelled to death by an angry chipolata, whose owner comes with a stock set of frustrations and sexual issues. Also, as a horribly happy hooker, I like having a decent plaything every now and again. A girl has needs, so it is nice to have them met and get paid for the privilege. Now there are some men who have a small cock and are not bothered by this, they just happily bang away and learn to compensate in other areas. This is not about you. This is about that lot with a small cock, and no clue.

Yes there are men with small cocks who haven’t a clue it is that. And with the advent of insta-porn they still are unaware. I have medium sized breasts, I am happy with them and may or may not have them enhanced. But I can see if another woman has larger or smaller than me, and am able to visually compare them with other sets out there. Now, how the hell can a man with a small cock looking at porn not realise his is small? Simples. When he sees a cock, he automatically imagines it is his cock, and takes on the attributes of a larger cock when he shags.

The most annoying of these attributes is the long backstroke. Where he pulls all the way out, goes back in, forcing air into the vagina causing quiffing, or vaginal farts. I hate this! I want to tell them, stop behaving like you are Seymore Butts, and fuck normal, that cocktail sausage you are attempting to lacerate me with isn’t going to get any larger the further you pull it out.

Or the other annoying attribute, is the punctuated fuck. Where with every futile thrust he grunts out a word, or phrase to let you know how he is going to own your pussy with his cock. I generally prefer to have this foolishness done in doggy style so I can bury my head in the pillow and laugh or groan.

Seriously I have had more damage done to my neither regions by smaller cocked men. Their aim is horrid, for the love of god man, I have two holes down there, pick one! No they seem to think by my putting the condom on it is magically adds inches to their cock, and begin to thrust away as if the dam thing were a few inches longer, which causes me to clamp down their legs preventing them from hopping about the place like a distressed hamster on crack.

Or I use the legs high around the back and clamp them down. They think oh she is letting me in deeper, not a chance in hell, it is to prevent getting a hernia from some directionally challenged idiot missing my bits and hitting me in the thigh. You would think with all the porn some men watch, they would have put two and two together and at least tried to learn how to screw? That, would require thinking.

I could write a revision to the Karma Sutra, I have had to contort myself into so many different positions in the vain attempt to find one that is of any use to them. Even a hand job is futile. Too bloody small to get a grip on, and even the condom comes off if a girl uses any type of serious suction. I have almost choked on one, when I loosened my grip and I sucked at the same time, it almost slipped down my throat. Just wondered, what would the punter have done had that happened? Would he have left me there choking to death on a condom, or called the ambulance and tried to explain what was going on? I shudder to think.

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