I Didn’t Know It Was Possible

I Didn’t Know It Was Possible

But I have found a place in the UK I absolutely hate being in more than Ireland. The West Midlands! If I thought the Irish demographic of clients was a horrible lot. Nothing to date beats the lot located in this part of the country.

Where do I start? Lets start with the overall cultural demographic. It is as if most other counties from a round the UK had encouraged, mandated, or forcibly remanded its ethnic population to Birmingham or Coventry. And for some strange reason some of them haven’t managed to integrate and still sound as if they are fresh off the boat. They have stock phrases they speak and that is about it, and of course your answers have to fit those phrases, or else the conversation grinds to a halt. I am wondering if they are doing this to practice their English?

And they all call hookers. My phone constantly rings off the hook, but very little business. I think they are doing it to break the monotony of their underpaid jobs. They are abrupt, rude, and cheap fuckers who are basically bargain hunting. I had one idiot, who told me he would give me xxx amount, I laughed at him, and hung up. They seem to think that they are doing me a favour, and not the other way around. Not to mention their accent grates on my fucking nerves. It is annoying, clipped and basically a bastardised version of a London accent. Which is equally as annoying. And the bastards are cocky! Which is the most jarring thing of all, unlike the Irish who are grateful for the fact you are answering the phone, however you answer the phone. These cunts seem to think they are jack the bloody lad. I would like to remind them, they are calling a hooker looking for sex, this doesn’t stand them high on the social totem pole. Bloody hell less than a week here and I am waxing nostalgic for Ireland! Jesus Christ!

Now my TS friend was making a small fortune there. Then the penny dropped, of course. Look at the demographic and look at what she is offering. She has an 8 inch penis, and a willing bumhole. I definitely don’t have a penis, and my bumhole isn’t so willing. So as she was being shagged to within an inch of death, I was having my hair done, having my nails done, having a pedicure, shopping, and praying for the week to be over so I could go to climes more appreciative of what I have to offer.

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