The Hibernating Ho!

The Hibernating Ho!

Wintertime! I am a warm blooded animal, I don’t do winter well. Less sunlight, less leafy trees, less warmth. Basically, I am one grouchy cow during this time. Less motivated to work, and certainly less than my usual warm, happy, sunny, sweet self. Who the hell am I kidding? I am never that sweet or damn sunny, but you really notice it when it is cold and miserable outside.

I just want to sleep all the time. I could quite happily spend the entire winter clad in various textures of fluffy pink pyjamas moving form the bed to the sofa, to the kitchen, bathroom, and back to bed. A cycle of fluffiness. I would venture out for food, simply to not become a complete recluse. My world would pass in a delightful haze of chocolates, fruit, and stodgy filling foods. Jesus, can some one euthanise me now! Horrible.

I need sun on my ass. Hot burning, blistering sunshine. 34 degrees isn’t too warm. Equatorial Africa is starting to have a certain charm. I can’t wait for this fucking weather to be over! Ggrrrrrr! Rant over.

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