Time and Companionship

Time and Companionship

This is generally the disclaimer that is tattooed to the front of most websites that have anything to do with escorting. We are in essence telling clients that anything else that happens between two consenting adults is a bonus, and to some point some people seem to take this far too literally, and end up believing that there are emotions involved because more is taking place than just time and companionship. Sighs!

For some ladies, this is is taken to mean, get sucked, fucked and piss off. I can subscribe to this school of thought, but considering what I charge I go one tiny step further. My clients are paying me to give a fuck. Literally, to give a fuck if they come. Simples. Now how much they pay me is directly proportional to how much of a fuck I will give. So in essence they are paying not for my time and companionship, but for me to be willing to get them from point a to point b. Now, just because I give a fuck, doesn’t mean I will allow the situation to be taken advantage of, no no no no! Seriously, I am an escort not a fucking miracle worker. I can only do so much. Nerves can play a part in the lack of reaction, but even the most nervous man can over come this with the right technique.

Why do I give a fuck? Because, even though I can’t stand most men, think that they are cretins, and pointless fucks serving no purpose other than to clutter up my precious space, I have principles. Shocking, I know! A ho with a moral compass, a sense of fair play. Yup! A saint waiting to be canonised. Genuflect and leave offerings, preferably of the paper variety, with the queen’s face on them. ;D
But seriously, I get paid a decent amount of money to provide a service, and I would like to think I do that to the best of my ability. Well at least my clients seem to think I do, they keep coming back. It can’t possibly be because I am such a ray of sunshine, naaaaa.

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