An Ordinary Job

An Ordinary Job

When did hoing become just an ordinary job? Seriously, when did it become just getting by? Fucking hell, I am actually on a budget for the first time in I cant remember how long. A FUCKING BUDGET! What! The! Very! Fuck! It is time for me to pack up my knickers, and bugger off someplace else. Not that I need much encouragement, considering the populace has denigrated into knuckle dragging throwbacks since the recession. Really, the lack of money has affected the Irish like no other group I have come across. The English, stiff upper lipped and carry on. The French, some things in life are essential. The Asians, no recession there, the Scandinavians same as the Asians. But the Irish! It seems the entire fabric of their society has unraveled. They aren’t handling the fall from grace so well. In fact they aren’t handling it at all.

Their idiotic politicians still haven’t a clue about holding the banks to any sort of accountability, the banks haven’t a clue as to the shit they were in, are in, or have any intention of holding themselves accountable, and are getting away with it. And the general population are either leaving in droves, as has happened many times before, or the ones left behind are so disgruntled, they just trundle along and bitch inwardly. Just fucking great! So when I do manage to get one in the door, I not only have to deal with his sexual dysfunction, marital problems, peccadilloes, fantasies, mother issues, his general inability to relate to women on any level above amoeba, I now have to be a financial consultant, as well! This is starting to remind me of real work! I do not do this to be reminded of a real job! FFS! Although I do manage my business like a small blue chipped corporation, it usually is fun. I see who I like, when I like, and generally enjoy my encounters. But now a days, I am being nice on the phone! Nice to snivelling, inbred, cheap, bargain hunting idiots, who I wouldn’t let wipe shit off my shoes, let alone come in and have sex with me! Yup, it is time to leave! Permanently!

3 thoughts on “An Ordinary Job

  1. No! Are you serious? Your blogs keep me going. As a fellow professional ho I concede things aren’t as good as they used but surely not THAT bad?!

    1. Remember I have never done this to just get by and tick over. This is to provide with a decent lifestyle, and when I am finding I am having to put up with way too much agro, and it stops being fun, it is time to move on to another palCe where I can be appreciated and continue to have fun. Ireland, was never fun but I made great money there, now not so great and not worth the hassle needed to get them in the door. Far easier places to earn a living, with better weather, food, and scenery.

    2. Perish the thought! I am not leaving hoing, I am just not hoing in Ireland anymore. Hang up my knickers and get a civvie job!? Sweet Jesus, I feel light headed, where is the nearest bottle of Dom? I need fortifying.

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