How Dare I! Watch Me!

How Dare I! Watch Me!

How dare I!? Yes me, say anything negative about the Perfect Irish? Me a hooker, a whore, a prostitute who is apparently too lazy, and unmotivated to seek other employment? How dare I put forth my own harsh and accurate opinion of my working experience in the delightful and wonderful country that is known as Ireland? How fucking dare I speak to things I have first hand knowledge of, and not have the good grace to polish it up so the beloved darling Irish can carry on having the lovely delusions of themselves that are needed in a society riddled with dysfunction and co-dependent relationships predicated on the tenuous ties to alcohol to make it all good and nice? Yes, dare I? If it isn’t nice or perfect, then don’t say it. Especially where the Irish are concerned.

Nothing to get even the most drunken Irishman snapped back to reality than to mention ANYTHING even slightly negative about his beloved Ireland. Even if it is glaringly obvious and most people around agree, don’t as a foreigner even think of mentioning it. It is instantly taken as a slight of the greatest magnitude, to be rectified by instant tarring and feathering. Or in this case, the internet equivalent, nasty remarks, name calling, and character assassination of a pseudonym on the internet. (Rolls eyes)

Get over your fucking selves! People this is the net, and just like everyone out there, I too am taking advantage of the power to post what the hell I feel like posting about when I feel like posting about it. This isn’t really done because I wish to impress anyone, or gain a shitload of followers. It is simply done because I can! And if you don’t like reading what I have written, you can do one of several things, piss off and read something else, ignore it, appreciate it, or as a select few of you have decided to do, leave nasty comments and express your own opinion just as I have done.

Go on admit it, it is nice to post anything you feel like, because it just sometimes feels good to vent.

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