I Love The Irish!*

I Love The Irish!*

I know it is impossible, but I think Ireland has moved to the north of Australia. Darwin in particular. I have had so many Irish clients I am beginning to think I am hearing whiskey in the jar playing faintly in the distance. Now because my ears are no longer attuned to the accent, they are coming across as sounding Pakistani. Then when this wee red headed lad turns up, I was like fuck me, you are Irish! I need to check my culthie radar, it must be on the fritz.

But something amazing happens when the Irish are removed from mother Ireland. They actually become civilised, ok civilised is pushing it, but something about not being surrounded by too many of their countrymen, seems to make them behave themselves, somewhat. Well as much as an Irishman can behave. They seem nicer for some reason. Not nearly as fucking demanding or annoying, or is that because I don’t have to only work with that demographic anymore, I am more tolerant of them? I would even go so far as to say they are rather cute now. I seriously must be making way too much money to use cute and Irish in the same sentence.

I actually enjoyed my encounters with the majority of the Irish lads I met out in the Outback. They could follow directions, turned up on time, weren’t too pissed, took showers when offered, and for those cheeky fuckers that were attempting to be demanding, a well placed bitch slap soon sorted that. Fucking hell, I am actually looking forward to going back!

*in very small doses, when removed from the motherland, and when they have decent disposable income.

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