I Dont Really See The Point

I Dont Really See The Point

I know I may come off as a misangonist, but I don’t really hate men, I am more alone the lines of I just don’t see the point of them. I tend to find they clutter up my well organised space. Are needlessly in the way, and when not engaged in some inane activity, hopelessly inept and just bloody annoying. From hogging the tv remote to leaving the toilet seat up, men are pointless.

Ok maybe it is just the brilliant specimens of manhood I see gracing my doors, grown men who can’t follow simple directions, wear clothing their mothers still buy for them, are still living at home, and if asked when last showered, usually answer with, “ahhhhh?” This could cloud a girls ability to shift through what passes for the pinnacle in men today.

I cant blame my inability to tolerate men on my work, I was this way long before I started working as an escort. But since working as an escort, it has firmed up my already lingering suspicions as to why we women tolerate having them around. And I secretly wonder if other women are like me in this regard?

The roles of women have changed some what drastically in the last century, I think wars have contributed to women realising that we really don’t need men as much as we thought. In addition to that, it certainly culled the male population. Not necessarily a bad thing. We really don’t want too many of them running about unchecked. China is beginning to notice this, since they sold off put up for adoption a large percentage of their female children. There are now some villages that are practically without females of marrying age, and this has led to gangs of young men going about raping girls from neighbouring villages. Delightful! So culling the population every once and a while has its benefits. I am not referring to killing those off that are already here, boys by default are quite careless and will generally end up doing themselves an injury or die off young, so the balance is kept naturally.

Really, what purpose do they serve? To take out the trash, can do it my self. Usually better, faster and on time so it doesn’t pile up until the following week. Hang up curtains, nope. I prefer to hire a professional, so if they fuck it up I can yell at them with impunity. Sorry, I lost respect and affection for the last man in my life who hung my curtains crooked. And he should be grateful he wasn’t found at the side of the road wrapped in said curtains! Every time I looked at them, my blood would boil!

About the only thing I can see they are good for is a lovely pair of shoulders to squeeze when I get bored with pleasuring myself with my vibrator. Oh, well I suppose that is something.

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