10 Things Not to Ask a Sex worker!

10 Things Not to Ask a Sex worker!

1. Do you enjoy your job?It has its ups and downs.

2. So you must love cock, huh?There are some cocks I love, yours unfortunately isn’t one of them, which is why you are paying me.

3. Does your family know what you are doing? Does yours?

4. When are you going to stop working and settle down?I fail to see why I should stop working at a well paying job to settle down. Read, get married and become the domestic slave of a man. No thanks!

5. Do you use condoms?No, I just hope and pray you are clean.

6. What’s the largest dick you have ever seen?YOU!

7. So, how many do you see a day?Why is this important to a client?

8. Was I good?hahahahaha! Really! You need to seek approval from a paid encounter? And what do you expect me to say? The truth? Not likely.

9. What can I do to please you?Come as quickly as you can and fuck off! Answer 1. Nothing! Answer 2.

10. Can we go out on a date?Why do they think faked orgasms is the basis for a relationship?

4 thoughts on “10 Things Not to Ask a Sex worker!

  1. Love it, I can honestly say I’ve never used any of them but number 3 had me wondering for a bit, but I did ask a Czech Lady was mine larger or smaller than average ……. and she said average!!

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