The UK is Back!

The UK is Back!

Well, this international touring ho, may me lifting her skirt a bit more in the UK, why you ask, because the economy is back!

How do I know this? Is it based on the financial forecasts, the credit rating of the nation, the GDP predictions for the economic growth for the future? The retail index? The fluctuation of the pound against other currencies? The performance of the stock market? I wish I could say that it was based on these more acceptable gages.

No, my conclusion is drawn simply from the fact that I am seeing more coked to the gills clients. Now, why this difference is becoming more apparent isn’t that they stopped using coke during the recession, far from it. The difference now is they are using more coke than before.

Example, when you are called to an outcall to a seriously chic boutique hotel, ushered into a lush suite, and before I can slip into my sexy knickers, I am offered an assortment of class 1 substances, in quantises that if the police were to pop it would land the lot of us in some serious trouble. I am not talking grams of coke, I am talking ounces, and lots of them. I politely declined, I tend to like my drugs in the form of a well made cocktail, or a bottle of good champagne. But I don’t judge.

But the amount that was on offer is what gave me pause, and made me realise that people in the UK had disposable income again. God bless them.

But before I start to get too excited and unpack the knickers, the UK in its delightful wisdom have opened the borders to the EE countries. I personally haven’t a problem with the ladies from there, what I have a problem with is the fact they drive the damn prices through the fucking ground, ruin the market and the clients, then bugger off home leaving behind a mess. Just because 50 quid is half a months salary in their country, doesn’t mean they should charge that for the half hour! Men should pay for the privilege to get between our legs! Not act as if it is a right. The fuckers are entitled enough as it is.

29 thoughts on “The UK is Back!

  1. It’s a very interesting viewpoint, but I should like to ask one question please, if I may. How do EE ladies ’ruin’ ’the clients’?

    1. I will be the first to admit some of these ladies are stunning, and when a punter can pop over and get a lady that looks like a super model for 50 pounds per half hour who does all services under the sun, wouldn’t you call that ruined? I personally am not even going to begin to try to compete with that. I charge extra for all things not within the basic service. Granted I do have my client base, but I have noticed they seem to be expecting way more, or trying to do things they hadn’t before.

      1. Thank you for your reply.

        If you have any unattached clients, though, then just as EE ladies are ruining it for you, you are effectively ruining it for any single women they might otherwise have been interested in!

        Unless they’re real no hopers, of course. (But then, most people can find someone. Even if you have nothing! Even homeless people; sometimes you see them snuggled up in their sleeping bags together.)

        So…EE ladies undercut British ladies, who undercut ‘respectable’ ladies .

      2. Oi You! Watch it! Respectable ladies! You have the bleeding nerve to come on my blog and insult me by omission! So because I work as a SW I am not respectable! Next you’ll be saying I am amoral. Sheesh, watch your privilege!

        There you go placing women into categories and pigeonholing us to suit your narrow minded view of the world. You might be shocked to discover what some of your so called ‘respectable women’ might be getting up to!

  2. :)) you’re telling me they’re cheap, I look on and the prices are unbelievable, AND these ladies will throw in the lot OWO A level CIM but wild horses wouldn’t drag me anywhere them!

  3. Yes! Ahh a catch 22 I can’t win on this one:)) I’ll leave it at ‘I’m happy and content with the lovely bookings I have with my beautiful English Lady’, YES I have to pay her to lay with me but such is life:)

  4. I must apologise, I really didn’t mean to sound racist 😦 I’ve seen seven lovely lovely young Ladies, only two were English and the one I see now is wonderful, it’s all a question of that favorite Client phrase ‘intimacy and connection’. I still can’t work out what she really thinks of me mind, but I’m single and lonely lol and happy with the Fantasy:)

  5. Uhhm ;/ no she’s not Independent, I’ve just come to your blog via ‘Because I am a Whore’ do you have a blog that explains why I should be concerned if she’s truly independent?

    1. Before I jump upon your head and beat you about it with a wet halibut, when you say she isn’t independent do you mean she works in an establishment such as a brothel, or for an agency?

  6. A brothel, the establishment has a different girl working each day all day and they work ‘back to back’ bookings two days a week, also this much I do know, she HATES her employers with a passion.

    Speaking from experience, if you’re an employee chances are you’ll dislike your employer, stands to reason no one likes being told what to do all day! Even worse her employer takes 50% of all earnings, so 50% of her back breaking hard work goes into someone else’s pocket so by inference she’ll RESENT giving the high service expected in her Contract. She probably hates Clients as much as you do!

    However my bookings always go well, I get a smile and kiss on the cheek for the perfume, we don’t have sexual intercourse, I won’t let her suck my dick and I don’t French Kiss CIM or any of that nastiness. No, instead I pay good money to massage her back give her oral, HR finishing with a chat and a cuddle, in that order. If you want the truth it’s all warm relaxed and friendly, I behave myself and treat her as best as I can, Lol I’ll have my biscuit now.

    So an open goal for you, I genuinely can’t wait for your reply 🙂

    1. Wow, Andrew your passive aggressive manner and desperate desire to justify your behaviour has left me totally breathless! That and you must seriously be living under a rock?! IF you are unaware of the current move by the EU to criminalise the client by trying to bring in the Swedish Model. And the fact that on the news there is some story or another about trafficking at least once a week now. Maybe it is just me and I am more aware than most, as I can assure you is any SW who does this job full time. There are politicians around the world all trying to criminalise sex work in: Australia, Ireland, UK, France, Asia, Canada. And when we aren’t having to deal with this, we have NGOs trying to rescue us. It is like an undeclared war.

      Now to your interaction with this lady, and not doing nasty things-your words not mine. The mere fact that you are in the presence of woman that you are paying for consensual contact is deemed nasty to them-Mary Honeyball? Heard of her? So, please don’t sit on a high horse and presume to judge any SW based on the services she offers. She is doing what she feels she needs to do to make a living. And before you mention EE, I don’t dislike them because they offer services, I dislike the fact they are offering them CHEAPLY! Difference.

      She hates her employers, but she is still there! So, apparently she makes decent enough money to take care of her bills and make a decent living. Good for her. But please don’t confuse tolerating someone for a fixed period of time with liking them. Although, I have many clients I genuinely enjoy seeing and chatting to and the time does fly, there are others it is like listening to chalk screech across a black board. Sets my teeth on edge and nerves jangling. But when they leave I breathe a sigh of relief, thank god I am not married to them and plot my next shopping trip to Paris. Such is life.

      Now as to me not liking my clients, hahahaha. Far from it. I don’t dislike my clients, because trust me they keep me in a rather nice lifestyle and provide me with luxuries I could never afford working a 9-5 job. Seriously, this is me blowing off steam, due to the nature of my work, god forbid I really tell someone what I think of them, I would be done for a hate crime, so I blog.

      1. 🙂 I give up you win, an Escort Prostitute Hooker Whore SW ‘Lady of The Night’ (her phrase) will ALWAYS occupy the higher moral ground, I cannot win, ever! I pay to use her body for my sexual gratification and however long I remain on your excellent blog we WILL end up in a viscous nasty slanging match and that’s not why I surf the net. However don’t patronise me, I have wrestled with this moral dilemma for months and your scathing criticism of my selfishness can never be beaten with any justification, whatever I write will be shot down and that’s perfectly right and okay:) Perhaps I misunderstood your blog all along, I’m not the sharpest tool in the box lol and didn’t realise it is for blowing off steam.

        However the anger contained in your opening paragraph left me breathless and one reason I won’t be commenting again, I understand the Swedish Model and it’s wrong to assume I didn’t, I know MEP Mary Honeyball has just won her first of many legal battles to come, I know I am to be criminalised and you are not. Also a good reason for stopping commenting is I am perhaps/probably not a skilled enough to make plain ‘any of that nastiness’ was nothing more than a tongue in cheek remark, obviously poorly made.

        Again you assume too much, I give her Perfume NOT TO APPEASE MY CONSCIENCE, I did it to see the delight on her face and yes I’ll agree it seemed genuine but is most probably forced, I will never know the truth so what’s the point wondering? Being honest I am a bit tired of this verbal jousting, you DO hate me with a passion and I have NO reasoned moral argument to fight back with and please bare in mind I couldn’t give a ‘flying fuck’ what you actually think of me, I have enough self loathing for both of us ‘durr’ Prostitution is illegal for a reason I DO understand.

        By the way I have no desperate desire to justify my behavior to you and have personal reasons why I don’t want to ejaculate my semen into her mouth, also ‘not liking FK’ has nothing to do with any selfish health worries before you ask, I also have good reasons why I don’t lay in a bath and have her defecate on me, you’ll have some fun with that one! Btw I understand and question ‘what sort of man I am’ more than you can ever know, I genuinely like her as a young woman or the nice young woman she portrays herself to be, perhaps I am such a poor judge of character that she could be a battle harden nasty bitch, I don’t think so but lol who knows in this game?

        As for what services I enjoy, they were all reasoned justified abusive pleasures I agree. I HAVE always understood that she probably hated my hands stroking her back, she almost definitely hated me licking and kissing her intimate parts, most probably she hated playing with my Penis although she got great amusement from HR and as for conversing, she probably likened my conversation to “listening to chalk screech across a black board. Sets my teeth on edge and nerves jangling” lol I am a very very boring man so will agree with this one.

        Finally I understand visiting her was a lie, I payed her to endue my presence only to pay for the shopping trips and car road tax and it honestly does my head in trying to understand if she hated me or not, however much I saw her I cannot close that moral circle and all this pains me to the point where I think why an earth put myself through this mental emotional torture? I won’t be seeing her again, not because you bloody say so, but because all this Escorting business makes me tired, I’m going ballroom dancing instead, meet up with some widow lol in need of genuine cuddles and affection. Peace, Andrew.

      2. Sweet divine mother of god! What a bloody drama llama you are. Was that the blog equivalent of throwing yourself on your sword? Well, good luck with your ballroom dancing romance. Rolls eyes.

      3. Hmm I agree ‘over emotional drama queen’ lol perhaps I shouldn’t comment on hooker blogs if I take them so seriously and handle criticism so badly :/ I’ve learnt that much tonight, but I do love what SW write all the same 🙂 anyways your blog makes me laugh, I look down at my naked body and but for the ‘fumigation bit’ the rest is pretty much spot on! Peace and Love Andrew 🙂

      4. I will play The Flight of Valkyries, when I read your posts from now and even vocalise some of the text in an operatic voice. Lord man, do stop taking yourself and shit written on the internet by mad hookers so seriously! Go shag your little hooker, bring her nice gifts, I promise you she is happy with them, either because she uses them, gives them to someone to make them happy or sells them. Whichever, go get your service and get on with life. All this damn strum und drang is so bad for the libido.

      5. Put your headphones on, plug the lead into the computer and press play, all I ask is say if you’re annoyed I write on your blog say, if I thought anyone would read it I’d write my own and this time it will be the last promise!

        In cold light of next morning I can’t believe lol how much I let you get to me, how much I took you too heart laughable ‘Toys Out of Pram are Us’ and it was just darn right childish to say I‘m not seeing her again. Just shows the power of the written word, I can take criticism my problem is I take what people say too literally.

        Amuses me how incandescent with rage your reply made me I am a sensitive soul and ‘flying fuck’ and I’ don’t bloody care’ is real anger from me, hilarious really, I think it was a combination of long week long day tiredness and a very entertaining blog with a fewwww home truths that were a little toooo close to the bone for comfort, Ouch.

        I shouldn’t be seeing prostitutes I should be married to a mousy little wife, getting our matching Kagools out on a Sunday morning and going for a long walks along the seashore, such is life :/

        I will see my little blond hooker again in a month or so, I Google her name and her feedback is impeccable, words like kind sweet caring adorable, we’re suckers all, she’s very good isn’t she very streetwise intelligent, she smiles a lot, lays there and lets me occupy myself suckling stroking licking kissing (not her lips I am the discerning punter after all) and insist I call her friend forbids Client.

        I must amuse her everything I do is err selfless? My bookings are like ‘an over eager puppy dog desperate to please a middle aged man who keeps his glasses on throughout, I kneel between her open thighs trying to give oral pleasure like what it says in ‘Cosmo Magazine’ looking up from time to time, she’s lying there forearm across her face covering her eyes with “yes’s” and “don’t stop honey”, and I make her cum! I really believe that, I’ve been handed the most unusual compliment in all my 48 years, “you made me cum, feel how wet my pussy is” and “you must work out look how toned your bum is” she is so sweet “your hands are so smooth you make me want to fall asleep” and “wrap you up and take you home with me” what’s a man to do but book again! However she’s guarded none of ‘That Old Pony’ she knows I’m a thinker knows I remember facts and even says you “have got a good memory haven’t you”.

        I write too much? I never repeat posts btw.

        Feminists write a lot slating Clients Johns Punters I read it, some things they say are right on the money like misogyny, I’m ashamed to say I’ve been there, cumming inside a woman who isn’t up for it is all about power over women and they’re GOD DAMN RIGHT.

        I went with an Escort in Chelsea Wharf Apartments and she wouldn’t let me touch her breasts while she sucked my dick, so I says after a while can I do the missionary position? So I shagged her sort off hard for me anyway and i’m ashamed to say had a touch of woman hater ‘I’ll show you who’s in charge here’ but when I came all I got in a calm kurt blunt annoyed tone was “have you finished yet?” A real orgasm killer.

        …… And what of Politics? i’ll leave it at ‘I follow avidly because one day I could get an arrest visit a police cell receive a caution or put on the sex offenders register!!!!

        So there you go, any reply will be accepted, ‘bugger off my blog’ ‘stop being immature’ ‘busy, couldn’t care less about your sordid little life’ or just ‘Comment has been noted’ I’m easy this time.

      6. Damn your little hooker is brilliant! My personality doesn’t quite lend itself to that level of detailed rimming. I just can’t pull it off. I say shit either too sweetly, or the look of total disbelief in my eyes gives the game away. So I just stick to what I know. Sardonic, dry wit, which if the listener pays close attention usually tells the truth. I mean surely, you know this is a game? And either party can’t for a min take what the other is saying as anything other than total and utter bullshit to get to the point? It is all in good fun. Or am I too literal?

        This age old chestnut of men exerting power over women! Yawn! Women are in control and we know this. We like to let you think you are getting one on us, to hurry things along, but believe me, this isn’t the case.

        Feminists! I say this, when they are banging on about women’s equality and the rest. Why would I want to bring myself down to being equal to something I am superior to already? I know who has the power in the room. The problem with the whole feminist argument is as always the infantilisation of women. Oh the big bad man is making more than me, and not giving me a voice. Fuck them! Take your voice and demand more pay. If you don’t get it, make a fuss. Too May middle classed white women, have a pathological need to be liked and viewed as a good girl, which is why the current witch hunt to eradicate SW from the planet. We are bad girls and not playing by the rules.

        As to misogyny, have you read my blog! On any given post I can seriously be considered a misandrist. I was a confirmed on at age 8. I have mellowed since.

        Oh I am going to enjoy bursting this bubble of yours. A quirk of the the female body, we can actually get wet when NOT sexually aroused! Why? It is the vagina’s way of protecting itself. So there are times I am even wetter when not turned on, than when I am. No thanks necessary, it was totally my pleasure.
        Queue evil laugh!

        Oh and Andy-kins, if you are going to comment on hookers blogs, you had better toughen up love. Remember we are not victims or shrinking violets here, we stand our ground on a daily basis as a matter of course. Plus, chest beating doesn’t impress us, nor is swan songing, mea culping, or verbal hari kari. You end up looking like a total twat. 😉

      1. Fucking hell, are you sitting there actually waiting for my reply to your comments! Andy, step away from the computer and go outside and breathe some fresh air. That or get a dog, but turn the computer off!

    1. Oh no, no, no Andrew! Don’t apologise. I love when clients such as your good self let slip that fragile mask of avuncular civility they wear and the true person reveals themselves.

      1. ‘fragile mask of avuncular civility’ I had to look that one up, avuncular originally comes from the Latin avunculus, meaning “maternal uncle” now that’s irony for you:)

    1. This is why we live in this part of the world, where a thing such as free speech exists, and I am free to express my displeasure at some thing I don’t like and express an opinion about it. It is my blog and I am free to say whatever I want on this tiny space of the internet. If you chose to read it, great. That is within your right to do so. Just as it is in with in your right to visit young sexy EE escorts. We are all clear on this.

      But do not come on my blog and pick an argument with me about my personal opinion. Or hurl pass passive-aggressive veiled insults at me either. I will tolerate neither.

      Now, if you wish to continue to post on my blog, I suggest your find a civil tongue in your head and carry on. If not, I will block you and delete your comments. It really is that simple. Have a good day. Xx

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