Swedish Model

Swedish Model

Of all the anti prostitution laws on the books, most aimed at making the lives of women seeking to make a living as dangerous as possible. Ireland of course chooses the possibility of criminalising the client, or the law more popularly known as the Swedish Model. Which makes it illegal to purchase sex, but not illegal to sell. The idea being to stop men from purchasing and exploiting women. Ha! The idiots who came up with this did not think this through. I have worked in countries where this law is in affect and it makes no difference.

But I have a feeling it will make a difference in Ireland. But not the one everyone thinks. The difference I think it will make is to possibly instill a slight modicum of manners into the punting population.

You must remember that the Irish punter as a whole is a slightly self entitled, xenophobic creature. But they are scared as shit of their own shadows, their neighbours, their wives, mothers, dicks, sexual urges. You name it. The idea of it being illegal to purchase sex will make them more skittish than ever. But trust me this is a good thing, why?

Because fear is a good thing when dealing with the Irish punter. It is shocking how many don’t know it is legal. And far be it from me to tell them differently. But adding the part that makes it illegal for them to buy will have the added benefit of making them even more fearful. Fear makes them behave, well in as much as they are capable of.

Guilt is another motivating factor. But the Catholic Church took care of that one already.

So the combination of fear, guilt, horniness and disposable income will create the perfect punter. Let’s hope the extra fear improves their ability to listen and follow directions.

3 thoughts on “Swedish Model

  1. is this tongue in cheek, because though Ireland wants to criminalise purchase, they also want to block your phones so you can’t take bookings, they want to put you on the sex offenders list if you dare look at or update your website or escort Ireland. Hardly decriminalisation for you.

    1. Of course this is tongue-in-cheek! Surely you cant imagine I want my client base criminalised?! As to blocking phones, really! There are so many apps, that can be used, as well as getting virtual numbers and using foreign phone numbers. Trust me blocking phones isn’t going to stop people for selling sex. As to putting you on a sex offenders list in Ireland, for listing on a company that is based in the UK! And if that is the case, then hopefully the clients will learn to use other advertising avenues, such as vivastreet, adultwork, or closed forums.

      Ad to all this, I would think Ireland has a host of other problems than a few hookers selling their wares, that country seriously needs to prioritise!

      1. Yes I know it was tongue in cheek, I though am very touchy when I read articles on any type of criminalising of clients or sex workers.

        The justice committee recommended that anyone visiting escort sites to view, and that includes AW would be placed on the sex offenders list. Totally devalues the worth of such a list in my opinion. Of course we can use VPNs or TOR to bypass this surveillience. Closed forums will be infiltrated as in America. The 411 scheme has had quite a few arrests of clients through infiltration in the last few months. Much has been said about this by uglymugsie.

        This though all makes the entry point into prostitution, buying or selling a lot more technical. That would be fine for me and you and the escorts I visit, but alas for many this ain’t going to be easy. Would it work with a client who already does not know what the existing legal status of prostitution is?

        I hope for the success of campaigns by those who have come out as sex workers and are vocally challenging TORL. LL is one such I have great respect for.

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