The Privileged

The Privileged

Privilege, now here is a word I have been hearing a great deal about lately. And I have to just pop my little 2p in here.

I love middle class white women, why? They are so amusing in their need to feel hard done by. Seriously, they actively seek reasons to be miserable. If they aren’t emasculating their men with ridiculous requests for him to be more like a woman, they are ruining their children by complaining about the stupidest shit known to man.

But now the tone has swung around and they have a new song to sing. The defence of being privileged. Seriously!? Because they are living in a nice house, with a nice car, and a weekly spending budget some third world women make in a year, they are hard done by? No honey, you are not suffering in your Louboutins, with your LV scarf and bag, shuffling your Pilates classes with play dates for your kids, you are living a very privileged existence. And you need to accept that because of this privilege you really should be a little more cautious about bitching within earshot of people who aren’t. When the biggest problem you have is worrying about which IT bag to wear to the office party, you are privileged.

I have all this shit and more, and when not shuffling my little ones to play dates and running late for golf at the club with the girls, I am hoing. Maybe that is why I have the unique perspective I do. I walk the line between the two worlds. If they only knew. I can look at their husbands and tell them what his kink is and the fact he is definitely not getting that itch scratched at home.

Mind you. I do know how bloody privileged I am, and I can honestly say I drop to my stocking clad knees on a daily basis and give thanks every time I look at my bank balance. Being a SW has treated me well!

Funnily enough, even though I am an SW. I came from a very privileged background, quite nice actually. But I think the difference was I was always reminded that it was a gift not a right to have the life I had. So, I never developed this idea I was better than anyone else. Different yes, but not better. Never felt the need to impress my lifestyle on anyone either. My views are just that, mine and are best kept in the confines of my mind until asked for an opinion; or I feel like splashing them all over the internet in the form of a blog. Whatever the case, I have no need to radically change the way most people think.

But a particular group of WMCW, seem hell bent on radically inflicting their limited points of views on the world. It is really hard for them to realise not everyone thinks the way that they do, wants the same things they do, or care about the same issues they do. It does shock their systems to learn many of us are different.

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