Happy happy, joy, joy!

Happy happy, joy, joy!

Lord have his mercy, but I am seriously sick and tired of hearing about how sex workers are these diseased and mentally fucked up people who need rescuing! Stop! It! Stop trying to inflict your limited views of the world on the rest of us. Because you have a problem with sex, sexuality, men, dogs, the air. Doesn’t mean all of us have these or any combinations of these problems. Sex workers are diverse as those workers in any other industry. Why for the love of god do we need to fit into a mould? And god forbid if we complain, or have a bad day, then obviously we need saving! Yet again, a few men and women are trying to decide what is best for the majority of sex workers. Without first consulting us! What? Are we infants?

This is unacceptable! Why aren’t they attempting to tell doctors, lawyers, bankers, or bakers how to run their lives? Why, because at the crux of the matter is, this isn’t about sex workers this is about women! Plain and simple, this is about middle classed white women, with some serious issues about sexuality-theirs-trying to inflict their limited view on the world. This is the good little girl versus the bad one and the good ones don’t like how we bad ones play; because we make our own rules as we see fit. This threatens the tenuous hold they have on their realities, their world and their men when it comes down to it. Because they control their men with denial of sex.  Which is why we bad girls are doing a brisk business. 95% of my clients are married! That is an amazing figure when you think about it. 95 out of every 100 men I see are either married or in a relationship. Fucking WOW! And you wonder why I have vowed to die single? Either marriage is a total sham or men are lying dogs. I think the answer lies somewhere in have middle.

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