An Outing

An Outing

I am not referring to a trip away from home either. I am referring to the phenomena of digging around on the web or where ever to obtain information about someones true identity, ie their real names, birth-date, and other personal information one wouldn’t necessarily wish to be known in the WWW.

No matter which group is using the particular tactic of invasion it is still a rather nasty way to go around shutting someone up. It can be effective in some cases as in the famous case of an escort who really wasn’t an escort. Or in the case Of Belle Du Jour, she outed herself, which meant she then controlled the information on her terms. Fair enough.

But the case of Stella Marr is a curious one. Now I don’t know the woman, only from her online persona, and her writings and some video of her I have seen. What is my opinion of her? Not really important. She has a story to tell and she blogs. Pretty much what I am doing. But, apparently she has upset some other people who don’t agree with her writings, again I can’t comment and to be honest I don’t have all the salient facts before me, so I can’t really make a judgement. But the thing that gets me is the fact that due to this, one group took it upon themselves to gather information about her and spread her real identity on the web. That is a rather nasty bit of work. It also sets a precedent for underhanded and dirty tricks to be used by whomever decides they don’t like what you are blogging about so they will spread your personal information as far and wide as they can. So much for free speech. There was a much better way to handle this.

Now the other side are alleging that Stella is telling lies and making up stories. Maybe she is, maybe she isn’t. But the heavy-handed way in which the matter was handled makes it hard to defend any position that the other group had to begin with, and has effectively turned Stella into a martyr. Which means any opportunity to correct any libelous, slanderous, or our right untrue writings is basically gone now, as the court of the zealots on Twitter will cloud and muddy the already murky waters of any allegations that will come from now on. The whole situation hasn’t left me viewing either side in a favorable light. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Why Am I An Escort?

Why Am I An Escort?

Oh I am sure you will expect me to wax lyrical and soliloquize about a higher calling to bring joy and happiness to the unfortunate and the loveless. Ahhh, well no this is not why I am an escort. (Spoiler Alert:) I am about to ruin the illusion of the nymphomaniac who can’t get enough of sucking men’s cocks. So if you are a delicate disposition, please stop reading now: You have been warned.

Now I am an escort, because it pays bloody well, and I have a disposition to not being completely revolted buy the idea of touching a total stranger in an intimate way. There I have said it. It isn’t because I MUST have cock, it is because I MUST have a decent standard of living, and will not obtain this as a wage slave, working 40 hours a week for a pittance. If I am going to get screwed, I will do so on my terms.

So in a way I am somewhat annoyed with all the activists who are insisting that what I do for a living is so bad that it needs to be eradicated, or outlawed. Which if I were to continue to engage in my current occupation would render me or my clients criminals. I have a problem with this strictly from the point of view, that as a grown woman with all my faculties, I am being told I am not making my own choices? That I am being I pimped, even though I have never had a pimp of any kind. And that I am must not be right in the head to not hate sex work? Why should I hate sex work? I would be seriously fucked without the work I do. I seriously wouldn’t have the life style I currently do, nor would my family. Not a good thing. I would be no better off than the trafficked women I keep hearing about, except I wouldn’t have the luxury of the title of trafficked as I am from this part of the world and am here of my own free will. This whole campaign hasn’t been well thought out. It is just too black and white, and as usual with zealots about any cause they are forgetting the gray areas in which the rest of us life.

Now some of you are saying there are women being trafficked into this type of work and this must be stopped, again if the raids that took place in Ireland and Northern Ireland in May are used as a test case for trafficking, then the figures are not adding up. Where are all these trafficked women? Since they weren’t aware that a visit was coming, surely they all didn’t just suddenly decide to go on holiday? Or maybe the PSNI and Garda, when to a different set of addresses from the ones the trafficked ladies work at? Who knows, but the 97% of the trafficked ladies Ruhama is banging on about just weren’t there. Someone seriously fucked that one up.

Now the fact that I do indeed bring an element of joy and happiness to some gents lives is indeed a bonus. In fact occasionally I really make a difference to some of the clients who visit me, and it is rather nice to hear about this in the form of a text, or email giving me an update.

Most of my clients are decent sorts who just want a bit of fun, whatever the reason, they are willing to pay for it with a professional, and not engage in starting another relationship which could be detrimental to their family life. Plus, they don’t have the added complication of me contacting them, as a lover would. Remember I am done with them as soon as they leave my door. Not giving them a second thought until their number shows up again in my missed calls list. Remember, I am a professional after all.