The Little Husband

As I have mentioned before, Irish mothers ruin their sons, forever branding them mammy’s boys, and rendering the future lives of Irish women just as hopeless and frustrating as theirs was.

The reason these women ruin their sons, is because their husbands were ruined by their mothers, it is a viscous circle.

Irish men are emotionally stunted, sorry, but it is true. I have yet to encounter a emotionally mature Irish man. They are and forever tied to their dicks. Their worlds revolve around it. They even name the damn thing-Mickey. WTF? The first time I heard all this talk about ‘me mickey’, I was like gosh, they all seem to have a friend named Mickey. No it was their beloved dicks they were on about.

So you have emotionally immature men, and some seriously emotionally stunted females as well. Who the hell wants to have child as soon as they are out of school? A kid, who wants a toy to play dress up with.

So you have your typical Irish mother, who has a son, this little child is worshiped on a level that is not normal, and the reason for this, is some where along the way, emotionally she will never get the true depth of understanding from her man she needs, because she is not the primary female in his life. His mother is. She will be primary whilst she lives, she will over shadow his life, and when she dies! Lord she enters into sainthood. Then NO wrong words can be uttered about his sainted mother. What woman wants to deal with this kind of competition? Dead or alive her man’s mother will be more precious than she. Who wants to fuck a man who’s in essence a mammy’s boy?

So, what is a female in this situation to do? Have children, and when she has a boy child, she pours all her love and affection into him, and turns him into her little husband. This is a non-sexual relationship, but it is a deep emotional relationship that usually is never broken between mother and son. I wouldn’t have an Irish man(from Ireland) for a partner if they were the only creatures left on the planet. Because there is that corrupted emotional bond between a son and parent, you have grown men looking for mom in a relationship. They don’t want sex from their wives, they want comfort, food cooked, clothes washed, thus the frustration of Irish women, they aren’t chosen for anything other than she would make a good replacement for his mother. This is why Irish men pay for sex! They really don’ want to have sex with mammy. Fucked up for the sacrificial female known as his wife, but it is VERY good for business for us WG’s.

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